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Your driveway is the first thing people see when they come to your home or property. There is no reason it should look visually unappealing. We at Gravel Drive Experts will ensure that it looks as good as new.

Why Us?

-Are you sick of looking at your ugly, rutted out, weed choked gravel drive?

-Are you tired of every year manually trying to rake in your potholes?

If so, we can help you. 

* Gravel driveway, road and parking lot repair and restoration using the existing stone.
* Typically no need for additional expensive aggregate.
* Our process eliminates potholes and ruts and reduces unsightly weeds without the use of toxic chemicals

You normally do not need to purchase new gravel in order to repair your stone driveway, oil well road or parking lot. We can make your access way look like new again, and for much less money than paying the cost of having tons of additional stone delivered and spread.

Beautify Your Home Or Place Of Business

Gravel Driveway
Gravel Parking Area

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Are you debating whether or not you need to buy new gravel for your driveway but do not want to deal with the cost or the hassle? When most people face this predicament the issue usually is that they have enough gravel in their driveway but the gravel is too packed down. When you hire Gravel Drive Experts, our mission is to use our proprietary gravel grooming equipment to uncover that pressed down stone while helping to remove unsightly weeds. This creates a professional look that will impress your family members and neighbors

At Gravel Drive Experts, we conduct business in the spring, summer, and fall months We currently offer a special of $275.00 for an area of 1,925 square feet. This could be a driveway, parking lot, or anything else that consists of gravel   We are also able to fix most ruts and potholes with our equipment or manually so that your driveway or road functions like new.

All of our current pricing is on our “Price List” page. Call Gravel Drive Experts today at (330) 533-0177 if you have any additional questions or would like to set up an appointment.


We Also Offer Mailbox Snow Shield/Debris Protectors For $195.00 Installed with Posts Securely Set With Concrete. Made from Pressure Treated Lumber with Cedar Slats.

Look how the snow piles up at the base of the Mailbox Protector. Saves the cost of replacing your mailbox and frustration of having to repair it in the middle of winter.

Common Gravel Driveway Issues & Solutions


Mud – Muddy Driveways usually have water issues.  Improper drainage and grading is usually the cause.  The problem can also be caused by improper driveway installation, the topsoil may have not been removed before gravel was placed or there may not be enough gravel at all.  Make sure the driveway is higher than the surrounding areas.  Remove topsoil if present and add gravel.

Clay – Driveways that are placed on clay usually have soft spots.  At wet times of the year the driveway may feel spongy or act like a trampoline, when you drive over the gravel you can see the ground move this is called rebound.    Driveways that are constructed on clay should have 12″-16″ of clay removed and 8″ of fill sand placed with at least 6″ of gravel.  Another solution is to place a 4-6″ layer of 2″ rock between the clay and your driveway gravel, this will help lock up to prevent “rebound”.

Sand – If there is not enough gravel on the driveway fine sand may mix causing deep tire tracks each time the surface is driven over.  Grade the driveway to a crown or slope and install at least 4″ of gravel.

Standing Water – Driveway is the lowest point of the landscape, add gravel or remove birm so water will shed off.  Sometimes installing a small swale along the driveway on one side or both will remedy the water issue.

Birm – Birm is a build up of soil, sod or gravel along the edges of the gravel driveway.  This build up makes a mini dam that holds water on the gravel surface not allowing the water to shed off.  This is the most common problem for gravel driveways but it is the easiest and most affordable to fix.  Simply remove this build up and you’ll see a big difference in the quality of your driveway.

Wash Boarding & Potholes – First check for birm, make sure the water can flow off the driveway.  Regrade the driveway, make sure to scarify the gravel to depth of the potholes, this is the only way to get rid of them.  Simply filling in the potholes with new gravel will not work.  After grading add gravel over the entire surface if necessary to correct low areas.

Incorrect Gravel – Stone that is round should not be used as packing gravel.  Also stone that has all uniform particles is not proper driveway gravel.  Correct gravel has packing dust along with irregular edges that bind together to make a solid driving surface.

Water Flowing Over Gravel – Wash outs occur when water flows over gravel.  If large volumes of water continue to be a problem, a culvert should be installed so that water can move through without disturbing the gravel.  A swale or ditch could also solve the problem.

Check dams – Check dams are mini stone dams that run perpendicular to the flow of water inside a swale or ditch.  Usually made of large stone or temporarily made of straw bales.  These dams help slow the flow of water down a steep slope to prevent erosion.

Rip Rap – This large 6-12″ rock is used prevent erosion on slopes where water is flowing down.  Used where water is channelizing and changing grades.

Geo-Textile Fabric – A fabric that is rolled out between the sub-grade and the gravel layer.  This fabric helps stabilize the gravel making it more stable and suited for high traffic or heavy vehicles.  This fabric should also be used when installing rip rap, check dams and over wet soil conditions.

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