Gravel driveway, parking area,
gas/oil well road repair

We accept all major credit cards as well as cash, checks and money orders

-$275 for the first 175 feet of driveway length (up to 11′ wide) 

-$0.80 (80 cents) per foot thereafter.

-Prices are good for customers within a 10 mile drive of my home address of 10670 Lisbon Road, Canfield, OH 44406. A fuel surcharge of $2.95 a mile is added after 10 miles. I use MapQuest to ensure the most direct route and distance accuracy. Ex.. If you live 25 miles away (per MapQuest) your surcharge would be $2.95 a mile X 15 miles = $44.25 total (fuel surcharge) and we only charge to your location. * Travel time is charged at the rate of $55.00 an hour plus the fuel surcharge if traveling over the 10 mile local service area.


-We service all of Northeast and Central Ohio. Youngstown, Warren, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Elyria are some of the major metropolitan areas that we serve including all areas between.

-Custom quotes are available for irregular areas such as parking areas. Please provide us with the length and width.
An example for a 250 foot long standard width driveway would be $275.00 + (.80 per additional foot X 75 feet) So it would be $275 +$60.00 = $335.00. For commercial customers with large parking areas we have hourly rates using our various pieces of equipment. In some cases it is beneficial to utilize this route. Please call for a custom quote.

  * Additional gravel is not supplied. 95% of the time it is not needed after our refurbish system is utilized.

  * Additional labor that is requested and not related to driveway refurbish is billed at $55.00 hour according to our standard labor rate.

 * Most potholes can be repaired by our drive restoration service but sometimes additional work is needed.

Mailbox Snow/Debris Protectors are $195.00 installed. They are made from pressure treated wood and cedar slats with the posts securely set with concrete. Price is for the unit pictured on our home page.

Below is a chart that compares Gravel Drive Experts prices to the cost of getting 3″ of new limestone aggregate delivered at the going rate of $30.00/ton. When delivered, some truck drivers will attempt to spread your new material by a process called “tailgating”. How well the material is distributed is totally dependent upon the skill of the driver on site. Most of the time the material is dumped in a big pile and then has to be spread manually via whatever means are available. Often this entails the use of a wheelbarrow and shovel.

Gravel Drive Experts Price
“Cost of 3” Additional Aggregate
@ $30.00 Ton Delivered
200′ Driveway $295.00 30.6   TONS $918.00
400′ Driveway $455.00 61.2   TONS $1,836.00
750′ Driveway $735.00 114.6 TONS $3.438.00

Gravel Drive Experts does not sell, deliver or haul any aggregate materials. What our service consists of, is to provide the equipment and labor to restore a gravel/aggregate/limestone driveway to a like new condition using the existing driveway material.

An important thing to know, is that just hauling in material to fill in potholes, ruts, etc. will not solve the underlying problems that occur with aggregate based driveways. The base of the driveway needs to be worked up in order to help alleviate existing problems and if it is not, you really accomplish nothing with your purchase of expensive new stone. The potholes and ruts must be removed or the new material will continually migrate from the problem areas.

Are you the owner of a gravel driveway and unsatisfied with it containing unwanted ruts, potholes, and overgrown weeds? Well we have a solution for you! Gravel Drive Experts is the company to call if you want your gravel driveway revamped from a rocky mess to a polished, beautiful surface. Since our headquarters is based in the country, we know how hard it is firsthand to keep a gravel driveway looking brand new. Raking by hand is too time consuming and needs to be done on a regular basis, and blacktop, concrete and extra gravel can cost thousands of dollars to put into place. At Gravel Drive Experts, we offer our services for a reasonable price with your  gravel driveway looking beautiful for months to come.

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